How the Piaget Stages Affect Musical Development

The Piaget Stages are very important to know for anyone in the education field. Not being informed about childhood development may lead you to one of the two: introducing concepts too soon or holding back your student. The stages are…

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9 books on Music Education - My Amazon Wish List



1. Learning Sequences in Music by Edwin E.Gordon $58.04



2. How Children Learn When They Learn Music by Edwin E. Gordon  $46.55


3. Critical Issues in Music Education by Harold F. Abeles $148.96


4. Music Matters by David J. Elliot

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The Pros & Cons to Sheet Music

I my self have always preferred learning by ear to sheet music. I wasn't brought up in a royal conservatory type program and I was quite intimidated by it until I had to learn in order to be accepted into…

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