I am Natalie Faith, A Blues & Rock guitarist, singer & songwriter based out of Abbotsford British Columbia, Canada.  

               When I first heard blues guitar It's as though every bend bent my soul. I saw that there was nothing stoping me from being able to play that way. Guitar became more than just a hobby for me, but my very outlet of expression. Once I started performing at parties and going to blues jam’s at some local pubs, I was very encouraged and felt the need to pursue music further.

             I am currently working on my first album, and I am going to Memphis this January to perform different showcases through out the week of the IBC's (International blues Challenge). I will also be on my local radio station soon, see my home page for the date and a link to the stations website. Also on my homepage you can see any upcoming shows. You can also follow me on Instagram for weekly videos.

                I am very grateful, and excited for what's ahead & I would love to hear from you! thank you very much